Data Recovery

Data Recovery

PC Tech Specialist can help you. Contact us immediately and we can probably help you recover lost documents, digital photos or other files. Even if you’ve deleted a file and you can’t find it anywhere on your computer, we may still be able to help.

We’ll scan your system and extract your lost files – all without harming your system or the files themselves. We’ll help recover data on all computer brands and hard drives. We’ll check for accidentally deleted files.

Many don’t realize that your computer doesn’t remove your unwanted data permanently. In answering how to recover lost data, the precise response can be highly technical to convey in detail, as it largely depends upon the type of file system your hard drive uses. Essentially, files stay on your computer, even if you’ve deleted them. Your computer just overwrites and renames the files you’ve junked. After this happens, you can no longer access them as you did. However, disk data recovery is possible, as long as the hard drive itself isn’t severely damaged.

While PC Tech Specialist can’t help with physically damaged hard drives, such as those from a dropped laptop hard drive data recovery would require, we can help with accidental software erasures. So if you have just accidentally hit the delete button for all of your priceless digital photos or videos, don’t despair. Contact us now. We can help get them back safe and sound.

File Recovery

We are here to help undo what you, or your computer, did accidentally. Along with the right software tools, recovering files takes some detective work. This is where our Technical Experts excel. Your file is likely unique, so freeware software alone will have a difficult time reversing your deletion. After all, software will have to guess at what you want, and it’s not good at doing that. But on the contrary, our Technical Experts are ready for whatever problem you may have with your computer or peripherals. They know how to recover lost data after a system restore.

Try us. We offer a complete money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.
Why waste your invaluable time? Let PC Tech Specialist recover your files so you can rest easier tonight.

System Restore

While trying to try out some new software, has your computer become so unstable that you are unable to work in it. Or while trying to tweak the look and feel you have done some changes which you want to revert. Well our Technical Experts can restore your system exactly to the setting that you like it. With a personalized diagnosis you can explain all the issues that you are facing because of the present setting and our Technical Expert takes it upon them to give you back the computer you are yearning for.

One word of caution, restoring to factory settings will delete every file you have added or changed. That means that all of your MP3s, digital photos and other files on your computer—some of which may be irreplaceable—will be gone forever unless you take the proper steps. Before taking this drastic step call PC Tech Specialist. One of our Technical Experts will determine if the problem can be solved with requiring a full system restore.

If a full system restore is required, our Technical Experts will provide guidance on how to complete the process. It all happens right over your broadband Internet connection, so there’s no need for you go out to a service center or invite strangers into your home. From restoring a computer to its original state, to helping you rid your computer of viruses, if you have a problem with your computer, don’t wait another minute – PC Tech Specialist can help you right now.