Project Management

CCANSI offers a team of project engineers with extensive experience in organizing and configuring resources to achieve project goals. Our engineers work closely with our clients to meet individual objectives and stay on budget. Whether it’s web design, hardware replacement, server implementation, networking equipment or site relocation services, CCANSI delivers a custom plan of action for each client.

Today, businesses both large and small are asked to operate with reduced staff and tight budgets. This is difficult under normal circumstances, but what happens when special projects arise? Many companies don’t have the resources available to undertake unplanned, short-term projects. This is especially true in Information Technology departments. The cost to make IT infrastructure changes is substantial in terms of both personnel and physical equipment. Unfortunately, IT resources are often the first to come into play with a new project, establishing the framework other departments depend on.

CCANSI has expertise in every facet of IT services, enabling us to act as your project management team. When you need additional resources, we will either work closely with your own IT department to assist project planning, or we can undertake the execution of the entire project.

Our staff experts have years of Hands-On Training, relationships with industry partners, and an understanding of what is necessary to successfully complete any scale of project. Whether it is for smaller tasks such as department or office moves, audits and assessments or large scale undertakings such as mergers, expansions, consolidations or complete network overhauls; we can develop a budget conscious IT strategy to address each concern.

Our project management staff will act as your partner to implement the planned strategy, so that the long-term results will be the most efficient and productive for your firm. Information technology is our singular specialization. Our mission is to make your company more successful as a result of working with the experts at On-Site Technology.

An additional benefit of our Project Management services is CCANSI’s high-level, strategic planning capabilities. For small to medium sized businesses, employing a Chief Information Officer isn’t always cost effective. Yet the decisions made regarding the strategic use of IT assets can impact not only present operations, but also how fluidly the company can adapt to changing conditions.

CCANSI can provide you with cutting-edge advice and guidance usually only available to large firms. By allowing us to craft your strategic plan, you will gain a competitive advantage and be positioned to make the best decisions for your business.