Wi-Fi & Network Support

If you think having a home network means nothing more than connecting your laptop to the Internet wirelessly, do we have news for you! Depending upon your peripherals, home networking can offer exciting things like printing from multiple computers; saving and sharing data amongst your computers with ease; gaming with others; and even more benefits you don’t want to miss.

Just a few years ago, the majority of time someone spoke about home networking, it meant that the person had two computers wired together. That was pretty much the extent of it. Now though, even basic computer networking offers much more than we could have dreamed of a decade ago. Regular household devices from gaming consoles, to MP3 players, to even refrigerators (yes, refrigerators!) are now networking-capable. The advantages of wireless networking in your home are numerous:

  • Your devices can “talk” to one another
  • Some can share resources and capabilities (e.g., streaming movies or music from your hard drive onto your TV)
  • You can expand the capabilities of one device by using the strengths of another (e.g., an alarm clock that greets you with music from an Internet station)

As technology progresses, this interconnectivity over home networks will only increase. But for those who might not know how to build a home network, there is a level of complexity to overcome. This is where CCANSI Tech Specialist can help.

Internet Connection

From Internet connection speeds dropping, to adding your new laptop to your network and the Internet — CCANSI Tech Specialist is ready 24/7 to help with your wireless Internet connection. Contact CCANSI Tech Specialist about your Internet connection problems.

We’re here to help you with everything from a Linksys router setup, Netgear router login or connecting the to the Internet. Plus, you’ll be speaking with someone here at home in the U.S. or Canada. We can even run an Internet connection speed test to track down whether your problem exists in your home or with your ISP.

It might take you hours to do all of this by yourself. But with PC Tech Specialist, you can simply contact us and relax. After a brief setup, you’re free to do whatever you like.

Your connection is much slower than it should be. Where’s the problem located?

  • Your ISP
  • Your networked device (computer, printer, network drive, etc.)
  • Your settings
  • Your router
  • All of the above

If you’re the type who always went with a guess on an “E” type answer on school tests, then you probably got quite a few questions correct. But it’s different when you fix Internet connection problems. The real-life answer may be none of those or something else entirely different. It takes the kind of high level experience we have to know for sure.

At PC Tech Specialist, we won’t just guess at the cause, or shift the problem to someone else. We’ll work hard to fix your connection issues, period.

WireLess Internet Connection

You want to be able to move freely from one location to another without having wires tying you down? Want to know how to set up a wireless internet connection? A wireless internet connection is a must for today’s lifestyles and technologies. Having to set up a laptop’s wireless network connection by yourself can often lead to frustration and disappointment. Your new laptop or netbook will enjoy a safe and professional service with our highly trained and experienced Technical Expert, while you enjoy the results. Our methods are industry proven and customer care is always our priority. You will feel valued and, most importantly, you will be treated like a real person. In just a few minutes you and your wireless laptop or netbook will be surfing the web from your couch or chair or patio. Do you have concerns about your wireless security or being hacked? Our Wireless Internet Connection service includes the security measures required to stay safe in today’s technological world. You will rest easy, knowing that your wireless connection is protected from unwanted intrusions. Our wireless internet connection services include:

  • Configuring your wireless router.
  • Configuring your wireless laptop or netbook.
  • Establishing Wireless security.
  • Testing and confirming your wireless connection.
  • Providing insight and education about wireless safety.
  • Making things simpler and easier to understand.

LAN Setup

If you would like to share information and other resources between two computers (or more), PC Tech Specialist can help you. Without you leaving your home, we can set up your network right now. Enjoy benefits like sharing an Internet connection, music and videos, and much more between your home computers. Contact us and we’ll do all the work for you.

We make connecting two computers easy.

The Benefits of Connecting Two Computers

Moving beyond a mere nicety, home networking is now more of a necessity. By connecting two computers together, you can share resources between the two. Examples of this could include:

  • Sharing Internet access between two computers
  • Saving files as backup copies with ease
  • Storing MP3s and movies on one computer, while playing them on another
  • Playing local area network games with zero lag time

Connecting two computers with Ethernet cable isn’t that difficult. Simply purchase your Cat-5 cable (the same you likely use with your broadband modem). You’ll find it available at just about any department store in the electronics section. It’s relatively inexpensive.

You’re then ready to be connected, but you can’t share files yet. That requires a little more work.


We Know How to Connect Two Computers via USB

Depending upon what hardware you have, you may be able to connect using the plug and play simplicity of USB ports and a router. This could help with transferring files from your desktop to your laptop or vice-versa.

As with any networking though, doing this requires more than simply plugging in cables.

Contact us and we’ll connect everything for you. We’re available to help, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Nowadays, having two or more computers in a household is fairly common. But, a lot of us still only have one printer. Fortunately, adding a printer to a home network is now possible, allowing you to print from any computer without the hassle of moving your documents or hardware.

Contact us to set up a network printer for you.

  • Contact us.
  • Ask one of our Technical Expert to help set up your printer.
  • Relax!

Yes, it really is that easy. You won’t need to leave your home, or invite any strangers into it. Everything PC Tech Specialist does—from fixing computer problems, big or small, to connecting your peripherals, like a printer—happens remotely over your broadband Internet connection. You’re free to watch as we connect to your computer and set up your network, or you can do whatever you’d like. PC Tech Specialist helps you save time by fixing problems or setting up devices like:

  • HP wireless printers
  • Epson wireless printers
  • Bluetooth printer problems
  • HP wireless printers
  • Samsung wireless printers
  • HP Office jet wireless all-in-one printers
  • Canon wireless printers
  • Linksys print server issues
  • Lexmark all in one wireless inkjet printers
  • HP all-in-one wireless printer
  • Wireless color laser printers
  • Networking issues
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 connection problems

Setting Up Your Wireless Printer

Wireless printers allow you to print from your laptop PCs or non-wired desktop PCs. Many use a wireless router to network your devices together. There are some that use Bluetooth pairing however, which wouldn’t require you to have a router. With these wireless all-in-one printers, you can easily scan, print and fax within a limited range.

But whether you’re using a printer with built-in wireless capabilities, Bluetooth or a wireless printer adapter, everything will still need to be set up so all of your devices can “talk” to one another.

Here’s where PC Tech Specialist can help.

Have a Wireless Printer Hookup for a Non-Wireless Printer, Too

If your current USB printer is still serving you well, but you wish you could enjoy the amenities that a printer with built-in WiFi offers, you can. It’s possible to purchase a Bluetooth USB adapter that plugs into your current printer’s USB port. This swaps out a USB cable for a wireless solution. Look for one at your favorite electronics store. Your new Bluetooth device will still need to be “paired” with your computer, however, before it can work. If you need help in doing this, let us know. We’ll have you enjoying your new wireless printer freedom in no time.